The architects Richard Dougherty and Chris Laing talk about the festival center

If you have passed the Herzogin-Anna-Amalia-Platz in the past few days, you have surely noticed the various small "islands" of our festival center - this is where we are pitching our tents for eleven days this year. New seating, a bar with drinks and snacks as well as slogans by various doves and disabled activists make the square a small and colorful oasis in the middle of the festival hustle and bustle.

This temporary structure was designed by Deaf architecture experts Richard Dougherty and Chris Laing, along with Zoe Partington and Jos Boys of The DisOrdinary Architecture Project. The design derives from the communication and perception of Deaf culture and sign language and the circular arrangements that occur when Deaf people gather.

In this video, Richard Dougherty and Chris Laing explain in British Sign Language the concept of their design. The video is subtitled in English and has audio.

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