A bird's eye view of the Festival Theaterformen festival center. Many people in one area, some standing and sitting, others walking past. Motion blur can be seen in the right half of the picture.
A festival visitor takes a photo of the champagne glass in her hand.
A surface in the color pink with a scratch in the color white on top.

Festival Opening

Welcome to the grand opening!
In the early evening, we will celebrate with festival director Anna Mülter the start of the festival and together with the curators Denilson Baniwa, Naine Terena, Gustavo Caboco and Jamille Pinheiro Dias the opening of Ko'eyene. We will also inaugurate together the festival centre at Gartenhaus Haeckel in the theatre park that was designed by Gustavo Caboco and invite you to enjoy a drink in the midst of the trees in beautiful summer weather. 

Mamela Nyamza will then open the stage program with HATCHED ENSEMBLE next door in the Großes Haus - in which nine ballet dancers, an opera singer and a live musician demystify and deconstruct the history of dance. Speaking of dancing: Immediately afterwards, it's back to the festival centre and onto the dance floor for the concert by Eskina Qom & Ema Cuañeri. Celebrate the start of the festival summer with us!

Production credits

Photos Moritz Küstner